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July 18, 2005


Clint Dixon

Hi there

Not only are blogs becomming part of the black hats bag of tricks, but also RSS, and in the future they will use other methods to circumvent search engine algorithims.

What amazes me is all three major engines are compromised by these webmasters, yet none take a proactive approach to solving the menace.

I can run a search query in most any major category and pick out the black hats 80% of the time by their use of a two letter directory after the domain URL.

How hard, or expensive would it be (I know the top 3 can afford it) to hire a team of humans to follow popular search queries manually for 10 pages, and pick out possible cloaking websites just from the URLs, forwarding them to a more specialized team for further disection??

Why do we as an industry, and consumers in general, allow ourselves to support huge profitable corporations, one in particular that has an arrogant feel to it lately, that cannot police their results?

These same top search engines then want us to give them user data, and allow their applications onto our computers....

I think if users started rejecting all the free foo foo goodies the search engines tossed at us, they might sense theres a problem.

I have yet to download one of the other toys in my own protest, I will admit I did download the Google Toolbar, however this was done well before I saw the search engines using throw aways like my bank used to toss out toasters.


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