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April 11, 2006



Terrific post guys, thanks for the feedback. We will continue to attempt to make SEF a better place for everyone.

Our goals are high and with the flexibility RSS and feed syndication offers we should have no problem getting to where we want to be.

The site itself along with the voting contest has gone far better than we imagined thanks to supporters and posts like this one on industry blogs and forums.

I love that we can all use each others information to make up a great site like this for everyone to learn from and enjoy.


Congrats to Getting Granular by DigitalGrit for placing within the top 5 in our voting contest to find some of the best search engine related feeds and syndicated content on the Net!

What you got:

1. A mention in the top post in our Featured Feeds blog.

2. Site wide links on the Search Engine Feeds main sidebar.

3. Prominent placement within your categories on Featured Feed Sources here:
and here:

4. Your articles, news and posts syndicated into the MAIN search engine feeds category on Search Engine Feeds.

We are still developing and making changes to the site(s), and have many more things planned for the near future, however your participation and support has been much appreciated and we hope you continue to participate in other events and contests within the industry and on Featured Feeds.


I did not know that there are so many different blogs on this subject. Didn't Shimon work for you at one time? He has garnered a majority of votes and has been quoted all over the blogsphere.

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