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January 04, 2007


Rob Engelman

The fact that tweens will be able to go on-line and talk about High School Musical, Zoey, Hannah Montana...and so on, IS their form of self-expression. So what if there are parental controls (especially in terms of Internet safety). The fact that they can go on-line, talk, and share thoughts / opinions about subjects important to them is great.

- Rob Engelman
(Podcasting at www.zen2wow.com)

Aimee Kessler Evans

Rob, admittedly, I'm a little more hard-lined than usual in the above post. The social network is a great idea on Disney's part, but I do think that kids will feel inhibited by the parental controls, and it may not work well because of this. I'm going to try logging on with my 5 year old this week, and I'll give it a test run. But I am skeptical.

I love social networking, I just think it's going to take some testing to get the whole safe-for-kids aspect of it sorted out.

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