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April 24, 2007


Matt Martone

Hi Aimee,
Here are some tips for recruiting via DG’s myspace profile.

1. Branding the profile
With a 'div overlay,' you can completely redesign DG’s myspace profile to match DG’s website site. (Requires web designer)

For instance, check out this profile, http://www.myspace.com/jobcentral

You may find more useful info on myspace / div overlays here, http://5thirtyone.com/myspace-minimal-lime-overlay

2. Post jobs to profile with RSS
Here’s the RSS feed to DG’s jobs on hotjobs.com you can use this feed to post links to DG’s open jobs right on the myspace profile.

3. Drive traffic to post
Ask all DG employees to put DG’s profile in their Top 8. Ask those interviewing to do so as well. You may also considering driving traffic from search right to the profile with paid search.

Hope it helps. Thanks.



Stephanie and he was ready for. Its not over,

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